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Catch the autumn wind in your hands and shout at the top of your voice: I love horses so much! That is how an old saying goes. Therefore, everyone who has not tried horseback riding yet, should do so as soon as possible! This sport has so many advantages that it is hard to mention and count all of them.
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One thing is for sure though – apart from the generally known benefits shared by nearly all sports, horseback riding includes the added element of contact with animals, which makes it more than any ordinary sport. Not only does it have a positive influence on your body and fitness, but also, or rather first of all, on your spirit.  Enthusiasts of this “adventure combined with sport and nature” claim that they do not know any better leisure activity. And the rich landscape of the Ełk area is the perfect spot to experience nature on horseback.
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- Riding on a horse not only do you enjoy being with animals and get a full body workout, but also you receive a fresh batch of natural endorphins – the hormones responsible for experiencing pleasure – so says an owner convincingly of one of the local horseback riding centres. - In order to travel across meadows and forests you need certain skills, but once you get there, you are guaranteed to experience unforgettable moments and feel a true union with nature. Horseback riding improves fitness and posture. It also has a great effect on the human psyche. Additionally, this is an all year round sport – you can practice it in the winter as well as the summer. And we must not forget that we have had the first day (this season) already de-icing our windscreen!
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This makes, however, snow fanatics happy, as there is never enough snow for them. And Piękna Góra near Gołdap is certainly a great place for active winter recreation. The proper name for this mountain is Góra Gołdapska; it belongs to the chain of postglacial moraine hills Wzgórza Szeskie. Local people, however, probably because of its breathtaking views, called this place Piękna Góra (Beautiful Mountain). From the top, we can admire the Puszcza Romnicka Landscape Park, as well as the local hills and lakes of Mazury Garbate.  This place offers four ski lifts and a few kilometres of ski tracks with different difficulty levels. As you can see, everyone will find something for themselves. Both beginners and advanced skiers will find Piękna Góra amazing.
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All the tracks are lighted and artificially snowed, if necessary. All these attractions of this incredible place make it the largest winter sports centre in the Warmińsko-Mazurski Voivodeship (Region). It is not without a reason that many claim that Piękna Góra in winter is a skier's paradise. Cross-country skiing too can be practiced in the area.
Bieg Jadźwingów (the Yotvingians’ Run) is organised here every year. There is also a natural sledding track. And after your all day long fun on the hill, you can have a rest at the World Kartacz Gourmet Centre.  Here you can enjoy the delicious kartacze whose quality is confirmed by a special certificate. Once a year in Gołdap, indeed, “Kartaczewo” takes place – a world championship in eating of this local delicacy.
Another place for enjoying active leisure is Olecko and its surroundings. One of the most interesting, reasonably priced and definitely interesting forms of active recreation is a kayak sightseeing trip.
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Kayaking trips enjoy more and more popularity every year. You must give it a try! An additional advantage of this pastime is that you do not need too much time to do it. A weekend is enough to start a great kayaking adventure.
EGO aktywnieThe popularity of this form of recreation may be proved by the fact that some people, with great foresight, reserve trip dates already in winter. Trip routes around Olecko vary in difficulty and are extremely picturesque. Memories of evenings spent at a bonfire with a guitar will make your chilly winter afternoons warmer. Kayak trips are not only a great opportunity to rest, but also a good way of meeting new people. 
Even though it is snowing outside, think of your next holiday now.
Choose EGO Land (Ełk – Gołdap – Olecko) for your active recreation. Decide now, because “Time’s flying, you won’t catch it even on a horse”.
A walk in Ełk Among the numerous attractive spots of north-eastern Poland, Ełk stands out with its remarkable beauty. Nature has been generous to the town. Its location by the Ełk Lake and river, surrounded by hills and forests, makes a perfect place for taking one's leisure. Apart from the natural treasures of the region, its history and monuments are also well worth discovering.
A walk in Gołdap We are starting our first encounter with Gołdap in the town centre at Victory Square. We will find here, apart from the Monument of the Brotherhood of Arms, places for walks and for rest in the municipal park, which holds not only a fountain but also quite a charming little bridge. Closely next to these, there is a Monument “God, Honour, Country”.
A walk in Olecko We are beginning our walk at Plac Wolności (Freedom Square), one of the largest markets in Europe in the past, measuring 255 x 215 x 228 x 255 meters. It was planned according to medieval town-planning principles; two streets run out each and every corner and extend the market frontage. The centre of the square is taken up by a park with a monument dating from the year 2000, erected in honour of those who died for freedom and peace in the homeland.

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