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Project “ – a tourist product of the EGO Land”
Project “ – a tourist product of the EGO Land”

You don't know about EGO? You would like to know more?

We’ve got the strategy it takes.
The realization of the “ – a tourist product of the EGO Land” project is in full swing. It is continuing activities from the previous year which resulted in a “Virtual guide to the EGO Land”. The latest project will be carried out in the EGO sub-region covering the districts of Ełk, Gołdapia and Olecko. Some of its elements will also take place outside of the EGO region. It will include activities such as international trade fairs in Berlin and in Gdańsk, where the much to be praised tourist values of the EGO Land will be presented. An international study visit has been scheduled as well.

Difficult beginnings
Still, several years ago, the north-eastern part of Poland was not a popular choice of tourists for their holiday trips. If they decided to visit the region, they would go to more widely-recognized places, the news of which was often spread by word of mouth. Only few knew about all the region's many marvellous spots. Within the framework of co-operation of the EGO districts in terms of promoting the region, it was decided to conduct a tourist audit of the sub-regions. As a result of the research held in 2003, it was found that the basic reason for the EGO region’s insufficient development was the lack of an integrated promotional system. Insufficient promotion was the reason for the scarce tourist visits to the north-eastern part of Poland, and the eastern part of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. It was, then, considered  indispensable for the three districts of the “EGO Land” to act jointly. Since that time, the situation has changed dramatically. Today, almost everyone can name several or even dozens of interesting spots worth visiting in "Ego Land". Undoubtedly, the EGO Land region is now one of the most important areas on the tourist map of Poland.

Co-operation pays
The districts’ joint activities proved to be a panacea for the insufficient knowledge of the region among tourists. A tourist portal was prepared and it provides a perfect source of information on the region. It is an irreplaceable treasure trove of knowledge not only for the tourists, but also for the districts’ dwellers. The portal was created within the framework of “Virtual guide to the EGO Land” project financed with the help of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism. Today, every tourist can find in the virtual guide loads of information on interesting spots worth visiting. If they are on the look-out for uncommon encounters with nature, they are in the right place too. A virtual walk to the most remarkable spots? – Why not! The portal meets also this need of the visitors. Everyone will find something of interest in the events calendar and the picture gallery allows to re-discover places already visited. Without a doubt, it is far easier to choose the most suitable date and most attractive spots of this charming part of Poland with the help of the virtual guide to the EGO Land.  

A step further
Realization of the most recent project – a tourist product of the EGO Land – started in December 2009. Its finalization is scheduled for December 2011. The European Regional Development Fund, within the framework of the Regional Operational Programme Warmia and Mazury for the years 2007-2013, made it possible to undertake our activities. As a part of assumed tasks, the site will be enriched. Every visitor will be able to download advanced mp3 applications concerning the most fascinating spots of the region. It will be possible to use them either with a personal computer or with an mp3 player when visiting the place one wishes to see. Virtual tours to the “EGO Land” data base will definitely become richer. The highly esteemed tourist values of the region will be presented at trade fairs in Berlin and Gdańsk; whilst stock-taking of nature and the cultural resources of the three districts will allow for better promotion of the region. The EGO Land will become recognizable thanks to a characteristic EGO mascot. All activities undertaken within the project will undoubtedly contribute to spreading knowledge of the region, and help promote the new, tourism-wise, less-known region of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. They will contribute to better usage of the tourist potential of the entire region and improvement of the present tourist offer quality.

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